Miles Le Gras is a French designer and graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven (BA Activity, 2020).

Growing up in Paris within an environment heavily influenced by the work of his father – an artist of the ‘Figuration Libre’ movement – Miles continues to immerse himself in a colourful, naïve and tactfully playful universe. He sees design as a tool to bring elements of intrigue into our daily lives, as he questions the objects that surround us and the ways that they trigger our imaginations.

He believes these objects must surprise us, amuse us, and stir our curiosity. His core fascination considers how, by appealing to our emotions, objects can ensure durability from the affinity and respect we give them in return.
His versatile temperament evokes a process of experimentation with techniques in relation to each new project, leading to outcomes that expand his field of experience and creativity.

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