Mots d'ados

In order to present Mots d’Ados* (a project made by the multimedia artist Irvin Anneix) this micro-architecture made for filming and video projection, had to be soundproof and black-out light resistant, as well as easily buildable and transportable.

The structure had to take into consideration the constraints that a designer can often face, as it was built under the terms of the strict security standards demanded by the first hosting institute of George Pompidou Center,  and the limited budget imposed by the production company.

* « Mots d’ados » is a transmedial project about adolescence. In two years, Irvin Anneix compiled a collection of more than 5000 intimate writings of adolescence, which he later read along with comments by other teenagers who become its voice.


collaboration with Pauline Laufmoller - Internship