“Vestige” is a series of ceramic vessels founded from the desire of returning to our childhood roots.

In an era pervaded with socio-economic, political, environmental and sanitary crises, designers are perpetually confronted with redefining their footprint on the grounds of our society. During a process of creation, it can become difficult yet paralyzing for young creators and makers to distinguish where to stand through such fundamental questionings within the faults in our system.

In reminiscence of simpler memories, I was driven towards our mutual longing for creative spontaneity, wonder, joy and sensitivity we’ve outgrown from our childhood. Through a development of unfolding and introspection, becoming receptive to my own need for playfulness allowed me to introduce a more recreative approach to my design process. I implemented the use of construction games as a result of breaking-free from any fear and doubt about my work.


By casting individual and modular plaster pieces inspired by the Lego system, I built an aesthetic and repetitive pattern as a testimony of our innermost desire for play. “Vestige” was a way to remind myself that having fun in my creative process was also a necessity to appeal to our emotions, ensuring the durability of my ceramic vessels from the affinity that is given to them in return.