Roofers is a tribute to the Zinc-Roofers know-how. 

Zinc has been used for centuries to build architecture roofs, because of its technical and economical properties. 

In the old center of Paris ­– where 70% of the roofs are covered by zinc – the density and complexity of volumes force the roofers to build their workshop on stage and fabric every piece one by one in order to cover and adapt each part to the architecture. 

The worker becomes a craftsman, cutting his zinc as a tailor would dress a body. 

A skill often transmitted from generation to generation.

As a Parisian, I grew up surrounded by this sea of zinc. But Because direct access to the rooftops are barely legal, we seldom have the opportunity to see and be aware of the know-how hidden behind this metal skin. 

Less and less young people get interested in this job, and the city of Paris applied to recognize it as an Intangible Heritage Section of UNESCO. 

I wanted to highlight their skills and support this application.


By changing the context of this craft and creating interior objects, the purpose is to give direct access for people to this story.